Evil Eye Protection

Evil Eye Products
Throughout our store, we have a variety of products—from jewelry to home decor—referred to as “evil eye” merchandise, which are intended to serve as spiritually-charged protective amulets (Turkish: Nazarlık).

What is the Evil Eye? 
In multiple cultures throughout the world, it is believed that the so-called evil eye hex or curse can be projected, originally conceived as a malicious glare, and typically stemming from a place of jealousy and contempt. Some believe that the evil eye curse can even cause pain, illness, personal setback or various other mishaps.

To ward off the evil eye, different ocular (eye) symbols have been utilized over hundreds of years to provide personal protection, as a kind of talisman, to divert malicious energy from the evil eye. These kinds of amulets are believed to have originated during the bronze age, and throughout history, various charms were used in ancient Egypt, Greece and the Roman Empire.


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